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Who we are ?

We are your new best friend in the kitchen. The spice company that stood up and said we want more from our spices. Cleaner, tastier, always fresh spices.

Why try something new?

We kind of knew you’d say that, which is why we’ve worked super hard to measure out each spice as you would use it in its original form. For ginger it’s a piece and for black pepper it’s a pinch. And if you ever forget it’s right there on the bottle 😉

So basically you are selling essential oils?

Funny you should ask…no!

Spray Gourmet has created a way to bring extracted spices in their purest and rawest form to your kitchen. That means you don’t need a lot of spice to get a lot of flavor. Each spray is equivalent to ¼ tsp or a pinch of spice. And the best part is…you can cook with our spices the same way you’ve always been cooking-our spices won’t burn out. That means they are perfect for cooking because they won’t burn out like essential oils.